Our Story

In the ministry prior to Beloved Presbyterian Church, Pastor Dan (PD) found himself in the middle of a sudden and unexpected parting with the church. As the dust was settling, he and his wife Veronica committed themselves to prayer as they sought to discern the Lord’s will for them. They had been privileged in the past to serve in various states and churches – all shapes and sizes, and were yearning to see what was next. Initially, one idea that they were hesitant to consider and which they dreaded was that of church planting. Knowing personally several church planters and having witnessed the trials of such an endeavor, it was one door that they were content to keep closed. But as they prayed, the more they found themselves being drawn to the idea of a church plant. So, PD decided to pray a Gideon prayer – if the Lord would to raise up 3 families who would partner with him in the church plant, then he would go all in on becoming a church planter. Sure enough, within 2 weeks, several families approached PD to inquire of his plans. As he informed them that he was contemplating more and more the idea of church planting, 3 families came forward to declare their devotion and commitment to being a part of the church plant. Not only did God raise up 3 families, there were 2 non-Christian international students whom Veronica had grown to love and care for who also wanted to be included. The small group spent the next few months in prayer, and on Easter Sunday, 2011, Beloved Church held its first Sunday worship service.